Ground yourself with Yoga in the Sky

A Vinyasa Yoga experience like no other


Reconnect with who you are and reclaim your clarity and confidence as Roar Spirit and Melbourne Star guide you through a yoga experience like no other.

Meditate in peace above the world in the quiet of fully enclosed glass cabins, temperature-controlled to create the ideal environment. Stretch and relax with popular and traditional yoga poses, then return to earth to a protein ball and a drink of your choice from Boost Juice.*

These 60-minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow sessions cater for beginners and intermediate level participants, emphasising proper breathing, alignment and postures with rests throughout.

Perfect your star pose with Yoga in the Sky, at the Melbourne Star!

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*Yoga in the Sky is a 60-minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga session. Guided by a professional instructor from Roar Spirit, each session is designed for two to four guests per cabin. The Storage facilities are available. After each session, each attendee will receive 1x protein ball and 1x medium drink of their choice from Boost Juice. Classes subject to availability. Bookings required at least 4 business days prior to class time. Not available on public holidays, and during the holiday period between Christmas and New Year’s Day.